Obsessed with a capital O.

IMG_1930I think I drive my husband crazy always planning my next trip. Viceroy Anguilla for Thanksgiving? Or maybe the new W in Barcelona? Or even Miami (again!)? I’m constantly thinking about , planning and dreaming of my next trip. Some people have a shoe fetish, others maybe chocolate (or things I won’t mention because I’m a lady and this is a PG blog) but for me, I’m head over heels obsessed with travel. I love the thrill of deciding where to go, planning it (booking the hotel is my fave part) and then researching all of the latest hotspots, most raved about restaurants and in the know local hangouts. I caught the travel bug a long time and the odds of shaking it are as about slim as Lindsay Lohan’s career coming back anytime soon.

Now I just need my husband to contract the same bug. Don’t get me wrong, he loves to travel, enjoys delish restaurants and posh hotels, but he just doesn’t have the same constant, ever present urge to pack up and go like I do. In his defense, we’ve been to close to 100 weddings, events, baby showers, reunions, etc. across the continental U.S. over the past 2 years. So any normal person’s urge wanes when you’re gone every other weekend — but not mine. I’m  constantly yearning to see and experience new places. Unfortunately — and this is what my husband will tell you — I don’t like to stay at the Holiday Inn if you get my drift.

People ask what you’d do if you won the lottery tomorrow. Hands down, I’d pack my bags — and of course my hubby’s bags, too,  and book a year-long trip on an around the world adventure. Now all I need to do is play (and win!) the lottery…..

Anyone else have this unshakeable bug? Have you ever infected anyone else? Let me know because I desperately need to infect my other half.

XOXO Travel Girl


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