First Class Flying

Thanksgiving means many things to me  – family, loving, giving, thanking, tree trimming, over-indulging and sale shopping. And for many of us the holiday also means flying the not-so-friendly skies. No longer do we live in a mile-high era where travelers don their best duds,  champagne is plentiful and blankets are bountiful. We’re now lucky if we’re served a snack and our seatmate doesn’t have H1N1. Sweet.

From years of traveling, I’ve compiled a list of my fool-proof in-flight travel “do’s” that make me feel like I’m flying first class even when I’m not. I can’t promise gourmet grub, but I can promise you’ll arrive a little more relaxed and refreshed.

– Take Airborne before boarding. I know you’ve heard this before but do it. Now more than ever you need to arm your immune system from feverish fliers.

– Dab lavender oil on your pulse points to relax immediately after boarding. The floral fragrance will also eliminate any not-so aromatic aromas. I like the brand Aura Cacia which is available online or at most health food stories. Make sure to buy 3.4oz. or less so you can carry it on the plane.

– Spritz Jurlique Rosewater Freshener on your face several times throughout the flight and then again when you land. It does wonders for combatting dehydrated skin and awakening senses. Again, make sure it’s carry-on friendly.

– Whatever the season, a cozy wrap is a must since you don’t want to wrap yourself with the pre-used blanket or pay for a new one. My favorite is this super soft cashmere version from Banana Republic.

The In-Flight Comfort Kit by Flight 001, The Glam Globetrotter staple, features a comfy jersey neck pillow, earplugs, padded jersey eye mask, wet wipes and 10 sheets of paper soap. We’re especially fond of this because it comes with an easy drawstring to throw in your carry-on.

What are your in-flight must-haves?

XOXO Travel Girl



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3 responses to “First Class Flying

  1. lovebug35

    haha, I don’t usually bring anything like these to do inside an airplane..

  2. shandana

    all good suggestions, especially the lavender oil and the rosewater freshener. they do work wonders!

  3. This is a great list. When I fly, I usually have some reading material (either a book or some magazines), a journal, my ipod and a chocolaty snack. Once I have these things, I am in my happy place. 🙂

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