2010 Style List

This week, Gadling released its list of top adventure destinations for 2010. The chosen destinations from Madagascar to Mongolia (where I spent one of the most rewarding trips of my life),  are exotic, yet affordable. They’re ideal if you’re looking to stash your stilettos and pack your Patagonia in 2010.

Gadling’s topnotch list inspired me to put together a list of my own — what I predict to be the top-10 stylish destinations of 2010. Style doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, but you can be sure these swank sabbaticals will please even the most jaded of jet-setters.

My criteria: must exude style and stardom. So don’t be surprised if you spot Jennifer or JLO.

1. Marrakech, Morocco

2. Ubud, Bali

3. Istanbul, Turkey

4. The Maldives

5. Cape Town, South Africa

6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7. Montreal, Canada

8. Anguilla

9. Majorca, Spain

10. Lisbon, Portugal

What do you think? What’s on your list?

XOXO Travel Girl



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2 responses to “2010 Style List

  1. Jamie

    Love, love, love Malpais, Costa Rica. Great surfing for ladies.

    Also love Cairns, Australia.

  2. I think Trinidad has proven itself in 2009 to be included on the list for 2010. From President Obama to Queen Elizabeth, Trinidad’s soil has been graced by more than a few well known names. Combined with the beauty of its sister island Tobago, T and T is certainly an underrated hot travel spot. 🙂

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