Glam-Globetrotting Mom

I’m at the age when many of my friends are pregnant — or at least thinking about it. It seems that overnight our conversations have turned from boys to babies, and  diamonds to diapers. Wedding invites have turned to baby announcements, and I now stare in amazement at the super-moms braving airport security with countless baby accessories in toe. Moms who travel with their children from the beginning rock — and I vow to be one of them.

One of my all-time favorite, fearless females, who’s traveled the world for business and pleasure (most recently seen looking fabulous, 7 mos. pregnant in Antigua) is expecting twin girls.  So, I wasn’t surprised when I received her baby shower invite in the mail — and it was a PINK BOARDING PASS. Perfection.

The invite/boarding pass was identical to one you’d receive at the airport but far more fabulous, of course. It included my name, seat number (18A) and my destination; Boston, along with fun facts such as, “Twins average 650 diapers and 2000 wipes a month.” Whoa.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve received “wow” invites before but nothing like this. This one was so incredibly personalized and appropriate for my glam-globetrotting friend. I have no doubt these lucky ladies will have passports before their first birthday.

Do you travel with your kids? Or will you?

XOXO Travel Girl



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4 responses to “Glam-Globetrotting Mom

  1. Heather Solomon

    I know this “fearless female” that you speak of. She has inspired me to travel as often as I can. My children have in no way slowed me down and I find it fascinating to see the world through their eyes. They will find the hidden gem in the sand, while I would have walked right past it. They inspire me to sit back and appreciate where we are, instead of worrying about how many days before we have to head home.

    I think my children may have made us travel more instead of less. I only have 18 years of trips and memories to get in with them before they are making memories of their own.

    I believe the sooner you start them out traveling the easier it is. I’m sure our “fearless female” may have already tried to get them passports from their ultrasound pictures!

  2. As a new mom (three weeks out) I cannot imagine traveling anywhere other than than the doctor’s office or lactation consultant’s place with my babe at the moment! Kudos to any new mom who makes it out of her city, let alone country. I can’t wait to see where you and Eric take your future bambino whenever you become a mommy. I know he or she will be a glam globetrotter from birth!

  3. That invite sounds fab!

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