Weightless? Sign Me Up.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve never had much desire to go to Outer Space. I’m completely content with my Jimmy Choos planted firmly on the ground. However, the concept of being “weightless” without traveling to Mars intrigues me.

Pure Entertainment Group, the bespoke event management and luxury concierge company, is offering a once-in-a lifetime experience for Valentine’s Day.

How about floating freely onboard G FORCE ONE, Zero Gravity Corporation’s specially modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft? It’s not simulated; the flight pattern replicates the same levels of weightlessness enjoyed on Mars (1/3-gravity), the moon (1/6-gravity) and zero gravity.

Available on select February dates in Los Angeles for Valentine’s Day, and on select dates in February and March in Las Vegas, this unbelievably swank experience, includes the most opulent accommodations that both the City of Angels and Sin City have to offer, including romantic dinners at top restaurants, to suite accommodations, to a professional photo sessions…

Dates for Los Angeles include February 12th – 15th or Feb 12th-14th. Dates for Las Vegas include February 26th – March 1st or Feb 26th – Feb 28th. Pricing starts at $14,500 for two.  Now, just make sure your partner buys you something equally spectacular for V-day.

XOXO Travel Girl


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