Are You the World’s Unluckiest Traveler?

As I write this post, I’m sitting on an Amtrak train, beyond frustrated with my day of travel from Newport, RI to NYC. My business partners and I missed one train (by 30 seconds, I might add) and waited outside in 6-degree temps for the next one, only to have it delayed by an hour. I’m now knee deep in public transportation hell, with no wireless access or phone signal. I’ll get home about 4 hours later than planned.

While travel can be glamorous and relaxing, it can also be taxing and tiring. Which is why, Travel Guard, one of the most well known brands of travel insurance, has launched a giveaway campaign titled “World’s Unluckiest Traveler,” where people share their stories of their most unfortunate travel experiences.

Log on to, rant and rave about your travel misfortune, and you’re automatically entered to win one of two Flip UltraHD™ camcorders. One will be given to the entry that receives the most votes, and one to a random person who votes for the winning entry. At the end of the year, each of the monthly winners will be posted for a final round of voting to decide who wins the $10,000 travel grand prize ultimate dream vacation.  A voter, selected at random, will also win a $10,000 dream vacation.

Some of the stories/travel experiences are pretty ridiculous, while others are very unfortunate.  You can check them out at

What’s your crazy story?

XOXO Travel Girl



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2 responses to “Are You the World’s Unluckiest Traveler?

  1. Allison G.

    Thanks for sharing Sarah! I’m sending this to my colleagues who just had a trip from hell yesterday. Hope you get home soon!

  2. Boy, do I have a story which ends with me taking 24 hours to get from NY to Seattle. It involves a small plane that ran out of gas and a cab ride from TN to GA…what a pain that was.

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