Personalized Skin Care for the Savvy Traveler

Between wintry weather and tiring travel, my skin is a mess. It’s dryer than ever so I’m chugging water and applying massive amounts of moisturizer; but it’s not helping a bit.Which is why I’m beyond thrilled that I found bespoke skin care site,, a girl’s treasure trove of a personalized products, based on your skin type and family history, and taking into account stress levels, travel plans, and the weather. Think “Amazon meets Pandora.” Genius.

Best of all, my new, fabulous find is easy to use. Just answer a series of questions about your skin and your lifestyle, and before you know it, you have an unbiased and customized combination of products at various price points from your favorite 4,500 brands. Purchase or save for later, it’s your call.

How do you know the products are right for your skin? The recommendations are backed by facts from 50 physicians, PhDs and technologists who helped build the complex, groundbreaking technology. Additionally, the super sophisticated algorithms analyze variables like genetics, lifestyle, health and the environment, for deeper insight on how products work on different skin types.

And because I’m a sucker for a good entrepreneur story, I love that is the brainchild of two friends who met at Harvard Business School.

Winter has no signs of slowing down, so log-on to now to create a dewey, glowing new you. Glam Globetrotter readers, click the “Join” tab and enter “glamglobe” for insider access to the site.

XOXO Travel Girl


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  1. I have the added problem of not only having dry skin, but old one as well. And I travel a lot, so this post is much appreciated.

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