Set Sail in Europe

Are you a “cruiser?” Some of you might be wondering what this is. Well, in my mind, a “cruiser” is someone who lives for cruise vacations, duty free ports of call, elaborate, themed-dinners and, when it comes to the ship, bigger is always better. I couldn’t be further from this type of traveler.

However, after much deliberation about the best way to see the coasts of France and Italy this summer, I bit the bullet and booked a cruise. Technically, it’s a yacht with just over 100 cabins, but let’s face it, it’s a cruise no less. And, unless you want to take a lot of trains, planes and automobiles, it’s the best way to see coastal Europe.

My husband and I are going on a Windstar Cruise for a week over July 4, starting in Rome and ending in Nice. In between, we’ll check out Florence, the Cinque Terre, Portofino, Monte Carlo and St. Tropez. There’s no other way we could have seen all of these places in a week, unless it was an uber-expensive, mad dash from one city to the other. Not to mention the packing and re-packing.

Instead, we’ll be aboard a five-star yacht sailing the Mediterranean, complete with luxe accommodations, ala carte cuisine with no scheduled meal times, and service that’s been raved about in top travel magazines. What I’m really looking forward to are the water sports off the back of the ship and full service spa.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be hooked on cruising. Or, as I’d rather call it, “yachting.”

Windstar also goes to the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Greek Isles, and Transatlantic crossings. Depending on this experience, sign me up for “Lisbon to Barcelona” next year.

They’re offering tons of Europe options for unbeatable deals right now, like Rome to Venice departing June 6 for $1949 per person. Check out more deals at

Are you a “cruiser?” What are the pros/cons?

XOXO Travel Girl



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2 responses to “Set Sail in Europe

  1. Let me know how your new yachting life progresses, just pretend you are Jackie… sailing around her private island with Onassis.

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