St. Lucia Savings

Are you one of the 16 million people who tuned in for The Bachelor season finale this past Monday? I must confess – I was one of them. The Bachelor was a constant in my life when the show began almost a decade ago, but my interest has steadily waned over the years – -until this season. I diligently watched, and, with the rest of America, cringed during the finale when The Bachelor, Jake, chose wild-card Vienna over sweet, sensitive Tenley.

The episode, thankfully, wasn’t a total loss. I was completely enamored with the gorgeous island of St. Lucia, where Jake spent the last two episodes wooing the ladies, with over-the-top an romantic rendezvous that included activities such as yachting adventures and private beach dinners. I visited the island  years ago for the St. Lucia Jazz Festival but didn’t spend nearly enough time — and now, of course, I’m dying to go back.

And, now I can — and you can, too. More than 20 of Saint Lucia’s resorts, along with American Airlines, are participating in the “Red Rose Romance” Promotion with packages including Bachelor-esque offerings such as a scenic helicopter rides, couples massages, and romantic sunset cruises. Getaways must be booked by March 31 for travel by the end of the year. Check out for individual hotel rates, rules and regulations, and to book.

Or even better, win a trip through the ‘As Seen on The Bachelor’ sweepstakes. Enter to win eight nights at the four luxury resorts featured on The Bachelor- two nights at LeSport The Body Holiday, Cap Maison, Jalousie Plantation and Jade Mountain (which happens to have the most stunning hotel rooms I’ve ever seen in my entire life).  Also included is round trip coach class airfare on American Airlines (from the U.S. and Canada only), meals and round trip airport/hotel ground transportation.

Now you can have the same experience as the ladies on The Bachelor. Only you won’t have “On the Wings of Love” playing in the background. And that’s a good thing.

XOXO Travel Girl



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2 responses to “St. Lucia Savings

  1. Yes, I was one who watched the finale. The funny thing is that I didn’t even watch the show regularly but a friend of mine was over for dinner and insisted that we watch it. In those two hours, I grew attached and was deeply disappointed with his choice as well.

    I must agree. It looked absolutely beautiful there. I’ve seen many deals and promotions surrounding the show.

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