We want to live here.

When I found out my friend/J Public Relations teammate, Molly Leibowitz, was visiting Miraval, the ultimate destination spa in Tucson, Arizona, I was excited for her, and insanely jealous at the same time. I visited Miraval over five years ago, and, to this day, it is still one of the most profound trips of my life. One of Oprah’s favorite places, Miraval is a serene oasis, where a combination of sensational spa treatments and positive mindfulness can truly change your life. I could use a trip right about now.

XOXO Travel Girl

Miraval, or as I like to call it Miracle, is tucked away down a dirt road in the heart of Oro Valley, Tucson, Arizona. Miraval is an amazing all-inclusive retreat, with a an award-winning spa and stunning views of the Santa Catalina Mountains. The minute I drove through the gates and got out of my car, I started to breathe smoothly. My normal, short, quick, New York breathes, as I like to call them, became deep and slow.

On my walk to the spa, I passed no less than four streams and saw a little cotton-tailed bunny. The feeling that had come over me was one of calmness. If I had my father’s blood pressure machine handy, I’m sure it would have proven that my blood pressure had dropped a few notches.

I received the nurture treatment, Miraval’s new and most complete body renewal ritual. The treatment is a six-part ritual featuring all organic products from Red Flower. The best way I can describe the treatment is as a facial for the body.  My therapist informed me that the treatment is great for the lymphatic system and enhances skin elasticity and reduces toxins.

The first part of the treatment is an exfoliation process, then you are escorted to your own private shower to rinse off. The shower might be my favorite part of the treatment, for the shear fact that you are in an outside shower made of wood. During the whole treatment, you are in your own little casita, so you feel extremely secluded in nature.

Then, after your shower, you come back in to your casita to finish off the treatment. The last 45 minutes of the treatment is a full body massage of Arctic berry milk cream, which smelled so delicious I wanted to lick my own skin (I refrained). This is around the time that I drifted off. I awoke feeling rejuvenated and like a new person. My skin had never been so smooth!

I loved everything about Miraval and the Miraval Spa. Even the shampoo they provided was fabulous, and left my dry Arizona hair feeling soft again. Did I mention that the food there is delicious!?! Oh and it’s all calorie-friendly. I think my entire lunch came in under 450 calories. Can you believe that?

Miraval is making it almost impossible to not visit, with their amazing “Fly Free” promotion.  Miraval’s summer Fly Free promotion offers credit amounts based on the cost of pre-purchased airline tickets. Book a minimum 4-night all-inclusive stay by July 31 and “Fly Free” to Miraval from anywhere in the U.S.  Miraval will extend a credit to your account upon check-in with the presentation of your flight receipt, up to $500 per person.  Stays must be completed by October 1, 2010.

If I could, I would live at Miraval. I’m not kidding.


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  1. Tracy

    You can live at Miraval. Just purchase one of the Many new Villas. A true home away from home experience.

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